Monday, 5 July 2010

Cows...beef...steak...dinner :-)

This group of cows live on a farm en-route to my house from the M4 motorway that runs from Wales to London. They are what I would like t think a landmark on the journey though when I told my girlfriend to look out for the cows as a sign that she was on track and getting close; she mocked me saying that a cow cant be a landmark! Well I beg to differ! :-) 

The inner African within me see cows in only one way...dinner! One of the traditions we have in my culture is to kill a cow (to feed people) during key family gathering, e.g. a funeral. The men would go out, to track down the cow that had been chosen and kill it, then bring it back, very often in pieces for cooking and some was given away. I remember  my brother who comes before me; at a funeral once when he was about 11 or 12...maybe younger; went along with my eldest brother, father and uncles / cousins to track down the cow and my father returned within the hour with my brother whaling uncontrollably at what he described was the injustice of an animal losing its life so we could eat! He immediately became a vegetarian and probably didn't talk to anyone for ages thereafter, still makes me laugh today :-) As a girl child I was never allowed to go along when the men killed the cow for dinner which really used to frustrate me as I was eager to be involved in the process as I was not squeamish at all and totally believed in the process. My complaint then was that I was not allowed to go along when my wimpy brother couldn't hack it! But alas they would not let us swap places...I am pleased to report that the afore mentioned brother, grew up, acquired chest hair and is now more than capable of not only attending such an event but doing the killing himself :-) The experience of getting close to live cows in the process of taking the following images did not do anything at all by way of affecting my sensibilities...steak anyone????

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