Thursday, 17 June 2010

SK Expressing herself !

There is nothing more pleasurable than seeing young people, with wide eyes and open hearts, dreaming big, expressing them selves resonantly  and making no apology for their free-thinking expressive and creative mindsets and attitudes to life! It was therefore with great pleasure that I attended the Thames Valley Collage end of year Art Exhibition. I was invited by one such young person, a truly inspirational 'up and coming' artist in her own right and a dear friend. She exhibited a full spread of artistic delights which I captured and now share with you here, enjoy!

A woman by SK

An art/craft/poetry/prose project inspired by The Diary of Ann Frank by SK

An interesting artistic presentation contrasting the hardness of Shylock, (a character from Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice'  with his softer side represented by the flowers. By SK

A really imaginative and interesting piece with a backdrop of words from Shylock's speech in a scene from the play where he shows his softer side.

This piece is a combination of dance moves from a routine SK taught a group of children at the 
Reading Youth Theatre which was incorporated into a  play this week. The theme is;
  'Life, Death, Heaven & Hell' by SK
She did not specify which image represented each one, it was for the individual to interpret it in their own way after reading the words written on each body. The words talk of how one can not make it to heaven without Christ, a powerful evangelism and artistic piece. 

SK is really coming into her own, finding her voice and it shows! She is a fairly new Christian who got saved through and evangelistic event that my Church carried out last September at her collage and she has held strong and faithful to God ever since. Her salvation in Christ has really had a complete impact on her life and strongly influences her art which gives a refreshing way to view the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her work poses questions and is thought provoking without forcing a answer on the viewer which is nice as it therefore allows one a lot of artistic room to see for oneself rather than being told what to think which I like. She thinks out of the box simply because she has never been in proverbial 'box' which shows in her work and the subjects she chooses. Her Ann Frank's diary inspired project was done to contrast the Forest of Dean with Ann Frank's life, not an easy assignment which was self chosen. She contrasted the two well which you can see as you look through the book she made out of her old Dutch passport, a nationality she shares with Ann Frank and bringing a personal touch to her work. 

Overall I think that she has amazing talent and a really great outlook on life and art. She is bold and wears her heart in her art for all to see; with each piece you almost feel like you get a peek through the window to her soul. She does somehow seem to be holding herself back a little, this may be due more to her not quite deciding what form of art she wants to pursue specifically or maybe a little lacking in confidence? At the tender age of 17 she has achieved much already and as far as I can see has a bright future ahead of her! 


  1. *Looks back at old picture*

    Wow After nearly 2 years I'm not sure if I've come into my own yet (But do we ever?) But I'm getting there. Never took the opportunity to really thank you for this piece.
    It's an absolute honour.

    p.s thanks for taking this picture against my initial wishes, (look how short my hair was!) I've saved it


  2. Was it that long ago? WOW how time files indeed! Miss you loads loved every minute of being able to be around you and see you develop into an amazing young woman and a creative genius! Rue Xxx



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