Saturday, 26 June 2010

The quest to find Low fat, Low carb & low sugar ice cream...

One thing that I personally associate summer with is the indulgence of ice cream! (occasionally on a snowy day too!!!). I am sure this is one of the reasons people are encouraged to diet FOR summer not IN summer. So the pressure is on and temptation is raging for one to indulge in summer's guilty pleasure! 
The more I think about it the more I have been asking myself, 'Why does ice cream have to be a guilty pleasure?' Surely with all the modern technologies and food science there must be a way to enjoy ice cream without piling on the pounds!?! So I went online and had a look to see if somebody, anybody could help me out here!!!! What I found was D'Lite. D'Lite's core product offering of 'D'Lites Emporium' is a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat, low sugar soft serve ice cream which contains no artificial sweeteners and no cholesterol. It is said to be a premium light ice cream that has been designed for a healthy lifestyle, though I am not sure how healthy ice cream can be... They say that the proprietary mix is made with skimmed milk, utilizing the natural sugar from the milk, to create a smooth and creamy product without sacrificing flavor or quality. Unfortunately this product is only available in parts of the US and so I am unable to test drive it and let you know if it does taste the same or if it is indeed as 'healthy' as they say.
Karen Collins in her article 'Light' foods may not be best choice for dieters'  says that newlow-carb products are drawing more dieters back into the dessert and beverage aisles of grocery stores, but can they actually help people lose weight? She went on to say that, 'since dropping pounds ultimately comes down to burning more calories than you consume, these products may not provide much benefit.' Karen certainly has a point in that consuming these products as part of your regular diet can be totally counter productive as the bottom line is that calories are calories, whether low fat or full fat, 'every little adds up'.
The reality is that ice cream labeled "for use with low carb diets" uses sugar substitutes for sweetness and gums and cellulose gel for thickness. The brand most widely available right now produces an ice cream containing 130 to 140 calories in a half-cup serving, which is the same as regular ice cream. The total and saturated fat content of the products is about equal, too. The best way to handle the ice cream urge is moderation, pure and simple! Eating ice cream occasionally when you really want to treat yourself and not as a dessert after every meal and hey, you don't even need to have the low everything alternative, you can have the good stuff! :-)

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