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Windsor Castle and its surroundings Part 2of 2

Windsor (pronounced /ˈwɪnzɚ/) is a suburban town in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England. It is best known as the site of Windsor Castle. It is immediately south of the River Thames, which forms its boundary with Eaton. Windsor and the surrounding areas contain some of the most expensive and desirable housing in the UK. The village of Old Windsor, just over two miles to the south, predates what is now called Windsor by around 300 years; in the past Windsor was formally referred to as New Windsor to distinguish the two at that time. [,_Berkshire]. 
Windsor & Eton Riverside station is a station in Windsor in Berkshire, England. The station, close to the River Thames and Windsor Castle, is agrade II listed building. The station building was designed by William Tite as a royal station with a stone- faced frontage with a mullioned and transomed main window, gables and a multi-arch entrance. [] Across the street form the riverside is a local pub, and other features including sculptures with water features, greenery and further along, the Windsor Castle itself.
There is plenty t see and do in Windsor from visiting its famous castle to walking by the riverside enjoying the view, seeing the swans and other bird life resident on and by the Thames there, going on a boat trip or indeed hiring a boat and going out on the water at your leisure, go for walks in the extensive parks, enjoy some local sport or simply relax and take in some live music and good food. 
The River Thames at Windsor
The Windsor and Eton bridge

Pre 1870’s there was a toll system in operation on the Windsor – Eton Bridge which also admitted vehicles to cross. In the 1870s a Mr Joseph Taylor of Eton campaigned for the scrapping of the tolls on crossing the bridge and after a long but ultimately successful struggle the bridge tolls were scrapped in 1897. Over the next century cracks in the cast iron due to weight of traffic became a major issue and in April 1970 the Windsor - Eton Bridge was closed to road vehicles. Thirty years later even the weight of pedestrians was becoming a concern and restorations were planned for with completion in time for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations. Work went ahead and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second re-opened the Windsor - Eton Bridge at midday on June 3rd 2002. On the south bank of the bridge (the Windsor side) you will find Sir Christopher Wren's house, now a hotel and restaurant, and on the northern side of the bridge, Monty's restaurant and the village of Eton, with its world famous college. [].
On the River
Swan Lake at Windsor on the Thames

The Royal Windsor Wheel

The Royal Windsor Wheel is a non-permanent transportable Ferris wheel installation at Alexandra Gardens, Windsor, Berkshire, England. The current wheel has 40 enclosed and  air-conditioned gondolas, including a VIP gondola.The Royal Windsor Wheel first operated in 2006. In 2009 it operated from April to October and carried over 200,000 passengers. For 2010 it will open daily from 10am to 10pm, from 1st May until 30th August. []. Tickets can be acquired from:].

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