Monday, 10 May 2010

A Tribute to the best man I know...

My parents will be away at their annual Rotary conference this week so I am getting this birthday message in early so my Dad can read it before he goes away...
My Dad 

To the best man I have ever known… A poem by Rudo Nyangulu (c)

 When I was barely able to reach out before myself,
You towered above me with a gentle smile.
As I discovered the wonders that lay beyond my boarders,
You reached down and held my hand, steadying me on my way.
As I shot up faster than a shooting star falls,
You guided me with your wisdom and foresight.
There is nothing you do not know,
No problem you cannot solve,
No pain you cannot comfort away,
No dream that you would not support,
No expression of self you leave un-praised,
No laughter you would not share…
Your heart is bigger than the ocean,
Full of love that your loved one’s swim in freely,
Your lips are full of knowledge and wisdom from above,
Your words bring correction, encouragement and direction.
Your actions inspire me to be a better version of myself,
Your approval I covet more than the sustenance of life,
Your friendship, a treasure like no other…
To the best man I have ever known… My Dad

The six of us :-) 

So who is this man? Well there is not enough time or space to delve into the complexities and 'cliff hangers' that make up who my Dad is so I am going to go for a brief summary in hopes that you get a glimpse of the man represented in these images and words...My dad from a young age was really bright in school and did well, won scholarships (actually wanted to be a doctor but became a lawyer instead... long story)  and along the way he was given six children  and the love of two good women, his first wife who passed away and later on my mum. Dad's passionate nature resounds from as early as his youth when he stood for what was right in his native Malawi and protested against oppressive rule by Banda's government which won him a space on the secret police's black list and well lets just say untold drama followed which led to over 30 years of exile (not a happy time). One thing I admire about my dad is that through all the stress and drama  that all of this created, he stuck to his guns and stood by what he believed and paid the price willingly and today, Malawian's are independent of a dictator and free to make choices that under Banda's government would never had happened. So today my parents are planning yet another trip back home to Malawi on Wednesday... a fight truly worth dying for that he was able to see the resolution in his lifetime...My dad is a modern day hero and more so personally to me because I am amazed and filled with fresh admiration and respect for my dad as he shares more and more of his life story with me... I am trying to get him to write his memoirs but so far it is proving to be an up hill battle going nowhere fast (dad if you're reading this, you need to start!!!).

1. Me in Harrogate (North Yorkshire) Shopping with my family ( you can just about make up  Mum and Chipo in the background).

2. My parents on holiday somewhere....not sure where but I loved the picture as it gives of a sense of calm and quietness...
3. Dad opened his own legal practice many years ago and they are still going strong today. 

My dad and I at his office when I worked for him one summer 

My Dad is pretty amazing! He is 70 and about to embark on the journey of discovery that is his 71st year and he is going strong! Dad as you may have already read last month (The Romance doesn't have to die) is still a smooth operating, hopeless romantic who wow's his wife and inspires his children for greater things... For as long as I can remember,  as a child I wanted to be like my dad, I remember how he used to suffer with hey fever and so I started sneezing at the sign of dust! (trust me you don't want to do that because i really do have hey fever now...), he has always worn glasses so I wanted glasses for ages! (now i'm getting older and need them i'm not so sure I want them anymore! Lol :-) and my dad was a lawyer so I wanted to be one too and I will never forget the look of pride he gave me the day I graduated from law school (not quite a lawyer though). So all in all my dad is pretty cool and I'm his mini me! (Mum's too actually as I also look just like her but not as beautiful unfortunately...)  Lol :-)

My Parents make a dynamic duo type team and they are fantastic, I am forever humbled and inspired by them both and am immensely proud to present to you, Advocate and Dr Vanani Simon Nyangulu...the best parents a girl could ever ask for, a true blessing from God! 

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! xxx

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