Saturday, 29 May 2010

The scenic route...

Scenic routea road or path designed to take one past a pleasant view or nice scenery; the long way round, a deliberately slow path. 
I went to visit my friend Sue who had sprained her leg one afternoon and being without a car I decided not to get the bus but take the opportunity to exercise a little and walk. Taking in some fresh air and walking via the scenic route I enjoyed the beautiful summer sun on my face  as went along. As the coolness of the late afternoon breeze brushed past my face, the pollen rushed through my nasal passage, erupting in a series of sneezes that brought me back to the bitter sweet reality of summer for me...hay fever...

 I decided not to let my allergies stand in the way of my appreciating the uniqueness of the environment I was in. Bracknell is one of the few places I have been to that give you such scenes as this, beautiful trees with houses in the background, working around the forest instead of completely destroying it for the sake of development.

Other things I observed as I went along were underpasses, letter boxes, school crossings and cycle tracks.

A really beautiful town indeed.
Something that I did see and found somewhat strange was a sign warning the public off a particular path and area of greenery which was just beautiful and not fenced in.
I arrived at my friend's home with my nose intact yet a little teary eyed but glad for the walk and fresh air inspite of the hey fever threat to ruin the day...

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