Saturday, 29 May 2010

Birds of a feather...

'Pooping pigeons, flying around trying to drop it on your head!' is the first thought that comes to most minds when these birds are first sighted. Pigeon poop is a real problem in many cities, London in particular where you can see it on beautifully sculptured statues of British heroes and other monuments, and occasionally a tourist! They are seen by some as a form or 'flying rodent' and generally a pest! Pigeons are not considered to be beautiful or in any way interesting and most people would sooner shoot than save a pigeon. 
This is Chuck the leader of the pack
Inspite of all the negative press pigeons receive there is so much more to them than the pooping 'flying rodent' persona they have adopted. Through the images I have captured of three pigeons I was able to spend some time with last week, I hope to give a new perspective and shed light on the other face of pigeons.
This is Barry D. Barry D is Chuck's No. 2
The UK's largest and commonest pigeon, it is largely grey with a white neck patch and white wing patches, clearly visible in flight. Its cooing call is a familiar sound in woodlands as is the loud clatter of its wings when it flies away. Found across the UK in fields and woods, and also in towns and cities where they frequent parks and gardens all year round.
and Shirley... Chuck's wife
Chuck (the leader of the pack) informed me that pigeons for generations have been shocked and indeed wounded by the way humans are so selective in their attitude towards pigeons, especially as their first cousins the dove are so widely accepted and embraced with genuine affection and care.
'There is no strict division between pigeons and doves. They share many features, including small rounded heads, small, slim bills with a small fleshy patch a the base, rounded bodies with dense, soft feathers, tapered wings and short, scaly legs, and cooing or crooning calls'. The cry of the pigion population is for equality and 'Bird Rights' to be extended to them and that this campaign of discrimination against them should end now!

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