Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Silently Denying Christ by Rudo Nyangulu

As my mouth opens a flood of silence proceeds;
My thoughts drowned out by the deafening stillness,
My determination wilts under the rays of shame emanating from my face;
My pupils dilate as the magnitude of the scene I am making
Sweat drop from my brow with a crash as they become acquainted with the ground;
Jump starting my mind which begins to compete with my heart like a 100 meter dash…

My mind wins as flashes of those final hours come to me;
The cat of nine tails plundering his flesh as it meets His back;
Blow by blow met His chin like old friends yet he recoiled not;
Rip…rip…resounded as they tore his beard from his face;
Crash… clank…was the sound of wood meeting the ground as He fell,
His eyes blood obscured as the thorns dug deeper seeking His skull;
Knock…clank went nail by nail as the fixed him to the cross… 

Like reawakening from a trance I come to myself almost in shock;
Mouth still open, silence still deafening, yet shame washed over me like a cold shower;
There I stood too proud to identify myself with He who suffered and died for me…
How could I not bellow from the roof tops, “I live because He died?”
How could I bare to stand silent when they take His name in vein?
How could I not eagerly sing of His love aloud in the streets?
How could I not be desperate to proclaim His gospel to the world?
How could I deny Him with my silence yet call Him my Lord?

Copyright (c) Rudo Nyangulu 2010. All rights reserved

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