Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Share the love...

This is a lovely young woman called Rebecca whom I met in Southampton a year ago when  I was on an evangelistic impact team there with my church. She was on the high street talking to a friend whilst I was walking along praying for God to give me someone whom I could talk to and share my faith with and He brought her to my attention. I shared my faith with her and she responded to the gospel and gave her life to Jesus. We had a life altering meeting that Saturday afternoon and a bond of relationship was formed based on a love inspired by God.

I spoke to Rebecca a few weeks ago (a year on from when we first met) and she was was bubbling full of life and expectation by the end of the call. She has had a complete change in her life, she is back in school, doing a course that will lead her to university. Having seen her example, her mother and sister have both come to know the Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour also. She has a place of her own and is making positive choices that are based on her trust and faith in God, not a dependency on man which she said has saved her life, literally her whole life has been turned around. She was once in a place of desolation and despair in an abusive relationship, found herself to be a teenage mother with few prospects and little hope and now... everything has changed... :-)

Stories like this remind me why it is important to preach the gospel and to also have my own faith and trust in God because He truly is up in heaven cheering me on to live right and make it to heaven...what an awesome privilege to be the daughter of The King and to be part of that amazing experience of leading others to Him... So today I celebrate Love because God is Love and to share Christ is to share LOVE...

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