Saturday, 10 April 2010

My confidence… by Rudo Nyangulu

My confidence is not in you;
Sweet talker with your sweet nothings,
Whispered in hopes that I will scream your name out loud,
Your smooth operation designed to make me melt…
I see you move and shake,  you can’t hide your agenda
Trying to steal my heart so you can have the wrapping too, its true;
Oh no, my confidence is definitely not in you!

My confidence is not in you ‘Mr Benjamin’,
Pursuing you has only brought trouble not the power you promise,
 Nor is it in you, your Majesty, not even for a valley full of your red fifties,
No matter how many of your portraits I collect there is no change within,
And your portrait on paper that seems to spontaneously combust,
Leaving me broke once more, all broken up too…
No, no, no my confidence is not in you!

My confidence is much higher than what you perceive,
It may not seem like much on the surface,
A couple of blood stained planks and a few nails…
Yet in this is my confidence before wealth and man,
For the blood you see is not just any blood you see,
It is holy blood that has power and hope…
The same blood you will find stained on my heart since i first beleived;
The ever faithful blood,
The eternal blood
The SALVATION bringing blood,
My confidence lies right here…  so you see, I know I am free…
And have great confidence indeed!

Copyright (c) Rudo Nyangulu 2010. All rights reserved.

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