Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Looking beyond yourself...and seeing...

If you ask my parents they will tell you that throughout most of my life i have been a big dreamer... I have always wanted to achieve the seemingly unachievable, attain the seemingly unattainable and I always had something up my sleeve so the element of surprise is more the foundation of all things Rudo! :-) 

Now you may have heard earlier in one of my posts that I have been unwell for some time...what I have not  explored is the emotional and spiritual battle that comes with prolonged illness. I made two positive steps; the first was to trust God for my healing and choose to believe that He would bring me through. The second was to be honest with myself about everything and not do anything unless I had made an informed choice to do it....this for me was ground breaking stuff!

 I did very nearly crack up if I am to be honest because there were at least two cliff hanger moments where the doctors thought I had first bowel cancer then lung...Praise God that it was neither and the diagnosis was (non life threatening) Sarcoidosis. Now in my quest to discover 'who I am' and 'what is my purpose in the world', I did a lot of soul searching and self examination. The result was that my priorities were all wrong (trying to climb the corporate ladder and being a workaholic and all that...crazy in hindsight...) and that one ought to work to live not the other way around! 

The question was still looming...what am I meant to be going? The answer came to me in a sermon I heard about being God dreamers and fulfilling your God given potential as you realise your God given dreams...it moved me to tears and I started soul searching further back than my career and realised that the thing I seemed to natural do is help people... so it got me thinking that helping people must be my purpose in life...but how?  I was talking to my friend Rumbi about it one evening and she shared how she wanted to go back to Zimbabwe one day and start a free medical clinic to help people too! We had just heard about the Serenje project that the Kerinth Centre, Bracknell Family Church had started and we put the two ideas together, said why wait? and just like that Tekva Trust was born :-) 

Tekva Trust was formed to with the sole purpose of giving hope in a 'practical way' to the hardest to reach people who are suffering in various ways from the HIV / Aids pandemic. We will achieve this  by helping them develop self-sustaining communities and ensuring their own food security, access to health services and education for their children.
 Tekva Trust is a Christian charity based in the United Kingdom that started in December 2009. The charity was set up for the specific purpose of reaching disadvantaged people whose lives have been adversely affected by HIV / Aids. 
HIV / Aids destroys life, diminishes communities, cripples societies and has changed the face of whole continents.The whole world has been touched and adversely changed in some way by this disease and the result is increased poverty, reduced life expectancy and higher mortality rates are experienced in the poorest countries of the world.  
Tekva Trust aims to help people living with or  adversely affected by HIV and Aids in three specific areas; Health & Social Care, Education and Agriculture with one simple focus, developing sustainable communities through aiding food security.

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  1. Wow! I love it ! You guys are on to something here. I pray that God gives you the wisdom, grace and strength to see this project grow so that you will leave am indelible mark in Society. Well done you ! for starting and I pray God will open doors for you !



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