Monday, 8 March 2010

A way of seeing

After a long day of activity I rest... and as I reflect on the day and the the conversations I had, I realise something, every person has their own special way of seeing! Its not a gender thing at all!!! I see things in a creative way; that is, how can I make, build, design, capture, replicate, birth or bring forth something beautiful / make a contribution from what I am involved in, in that moment or activity. What I see translates into some kind of creative action and when I am unable to make that connection, frustration default non creative and expressive people seem like a hindrance to the process in my eyes too (which is not such a good thing because as people we are all so different).

"I will not reason and compare my business is to create." William Blake

I love this quote by William Blake because it speaks like words from my very heart! My only wish is that I was more naturally gifted in the art of creating...

So at the end of the day I leave you with this; that my blog will take you through many moments that I have lived or have had the honour of witnessing and I will express each experience with all the passion and excitement I can express through an image and a few verses and I hope you come to enjoy and even way of Seeing...


  1. Mmm I Love it ! I can actually feel the passion being conveyed through this message. I am moved and so I am expectant to see the world through your eyes...

  2. Wow, truely a moment of clarity. We thank God for His mercies



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