Saturday, 13 March 2010

Unity in seeing

PhotoFriday Challenge contribution to 'Best Friends' 
Unity  The quality or state of not being multiple (oneness);a condition of harmony (one accord); continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action);  the quality or state of being made one (unification).

Seeing things differently does not necessarily mean that we are in discord. Consider the body; arms, legs, eyes, feet, mouth, ears...all so very different in sensing, being, acting and participating yet all in one accord. Why does the body work well? Well aside from the fact that it was designed by an intelligent creator; it has a sense of order and each part accepts the other for what it is and the part it plays. Your arm doesn't try to hear any more than your lips try to walk because each part is designed specifically to carry out its function and only in that role does it experience unity with the body and a sense of achieving its purpose.

People are the same in relation to one another. What may seem like an unlikely match may work exceptionally well if each party knows and works within their specific role / function.  Take my dear friend and her other half; they seem to me to argue constantly much like milk and oil they don't seem to have elements that allow them to blend much. If you didn't know them you would think it an ill match indeed! But, upon closer observation one can see that their relationship works even though they are so different. They see the world differently approach life issues differently and respond almost at odds to each other. However, the inner working of their relationship (based on their Christian faith) allows those differences to become complementary and their different ways of seeing provide them with a wider view than their individual narrower views would allow. Their differences draw them together on the basis  and understanding of their faith in love and they have created a new way of seeing as a unit (it doesn't always sound it but there is oneness there!) Being and extrovert does not mean that introverts will be the death of you! You might find that they bring you the balance that you lack... and introverts, it wouldn't hurt you to be a little outgoing would it?

My Uncle John (God bless him!) is in his latter years, a calm, chilled out sort of gentleman who is really an amazing person to know and talk to. Well, when I first met Uncle John as a teen, I was loud, spoke too quickly opinionated and a bit of a bible basher to be honest, basically a handful! So as you can guess an instant clash of personalities! Over the years we did not see much of each other until last year when we both became unwell and trying to recover. I went to visit him with my sister, (at this point I am old and wiser and less 'bashy' with my bible and more graceful). I had started taking pictures of landscapes and Uncle John is a lover of art so, you guessed it, common ground was found and the result is a most treasured friendship.

There are two ways to approach difference; either to reject what we don't know or can't understand like I did with Uncle John or find the unity in a new way of seeing as my two friends did. Uncle John and I got a second chance but not everyone does... 
As people we were created to be relational creatures, hence the constant need for affirmation, acceptance, belonging and love, without which we feel incomplete in some way... Looking beyond ourselves and seeking common ground opens us up to a whole new way of seeing through people we would not ordinarily have come into contact or clicked with. We also gain a new insight into our own lives, who we are, our prejudices, misconceptions and error in thinking... 

The principle is this; 'different' is not to be feared but embraced for it is the bedrock of opportunity for us to discover unity in new ways of seeing and open a whole new world to us... Just the way bonding with my dear uncle opened up the world of art and history to me...


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