Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I got up this morning and I was excited! No I didn't dream I won a million pounds or got the boy, no I just felt God watching over me and encouraging me not to give up or settle! Sounds weird I know but its true, in my heart there's a party going on and Jesus is the host!

So with my new found excitement I made a decision, I am going to do all those things that I used to talk about or dream about but never had the guts or ever thought I had the ability to do! I am going to make a difference! Help people! Lead them to Christ and meet their needs in any way I can! Write! Fulfil my potential to be an artist behind the lens of a camera and more importantly, banish the words 'cant' and 'regret' from my vocabulary!

So my resolve is this; I am going to swap every tear and frown for a smile and approach life with a child like innocence that says,

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