Monday, 8 March 2010

A moment of clarity

It was mid October 2009 when I realised that my life was going to change forever and that I was at a turning point in my life as a result of an inexplicable illness that befell me earlier that summer...

My passion for life, people and capturing the moments that make you smile as you remember days gone by started some five years earlier so it was a natural thing to pick up my camera and decide to capture how I saw the world to share (with anyone who would care!). So I did simply pick it up and go out into the world and soon enough I bumped into Peter, a lovely man with a fantastic snow white beard. I stopped him and asked if I could take his picture, right there on the street! And as i begun to take several shots as he told me of his life, "A moment of clarity" was born, a priceless look on his face as he looked up to the heavens...

At that moment I had a moment of clarity... everything does happen for a reason, even sickness of the inexplicable kind!
Up until that moment, I looked but I did not see nor appreciate the beauty of all creation around me which sings of its creator... so my journey began...

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