Friday, 12 March 2010

Happy feet

New shoes are by far my favourite things to get ever! The occasion is always right for a new pair of shoes! Its like being introduced to someone new, its exciting and interesting and heralds new possibilities and potentially good partnerships (if you pick the right outfit!) 
 So shoes, happy feet, baby feet...what do they have in common? Its all about how we walk! (and no not literal walking but the path we choose in life). 

Every choice you make in life will direct you down a particular avenue which will change the course of your life, maybe temporarily, but usually permanently. So what and how we decide, determines our walk in life. Each decision alters our direction and ultimately our destiny. Sometimes we enter new frontiers and we take baby steps, unsteady, unsure but cautious in the unfamiliar... then we get comfortable and charge around like toddlers at Legoland without really paying attention to where we are going... Until one day we wake up and  we are all grown up but still at Legoland! 

In the workplace, we are appraised monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually. Why? because we are there to meet 'SMART' (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) objectives. Our employers appraise us because they want to know that we are meeting our objectives which will result in success. This is a really good thing to do if you want to make sure your'e on track. I wonder how often people review their lives to see if the path they started out on to meet specific goals is still the course they are on now? Many people think over their day, their week, their month but not many people question the path they are walking on, why they are in that job, that town that relationship... if they are compromising their ideals and morals for something that may not even be what they set out to have... 

Happy feet are those that proceed with that 'first step' innocence and caution of a child learning to walk, allowing the excitement of a new pair of shoes to keep them optimistic about the future without getting lost in the Legoland of life's indecisions and red herrings that distract from the purpose we were born for.   
No retreat, no surrender!

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