Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Drama Queen

When I met this little lady (picture above) she took me waaaay back to a time when I too was a very terrible 2! (I know its hard to believe but I was :-)

I heard loads of stories about how I was a little, moody, foul mouthed monster!!! And when the cuteness wore off (around age 4) I reinvented myself as a brilliant story teller! If anyone crossed me by day when my parents were at work, I would burn the offense into my memory (having not as yet learnt the word 'forgiveness') and carry on happily with my day. The thing was, as soon as I heard my parents car pull up or even saw headlights at the gate, I would put on the greatest, most spectacular display of waterworks and wailing like somebody died! So by the time my parents entered the house I would be in a right state and the offender(s) would be in for certain discipline! :-) --This was very effective with a 100% success rate ;-)

As I have gotten older, the display is mostly dry and yet the drama is still second to none! :-)
I can tell a story like none other... the twists, the turns, the sudden death... my friends and family to this day call me the 'drama queen'. If there is a story to tell, that requires an audience to be gripped, hearts to skip beats and terror and cliff hangers to shock and awe... then I'm your story teller...and kinda proud of it! :-)

...still laughing out loud...


  1. Very true, I remember those days. I thought you would have excelled as an actress back then, lol.



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